Saturday, September 25, 2010

Up and Down

This week the temperature has been high and low.  My own days have been up and down. As Lily and I walked this week I tried to pay attention to things that were both high and low.  Here is what I saw when I looked down...

Can you believe how RED this leaf is?

I really do love dandelions.  They look very simple at first: stem plus sphere.  I think the symmetry within the seed puff is beautiful.

I hope the owner comes back for this.  Lily and I will check on it today.

Here's what I saw when I looked up...
On a cool gray morning, it's nice to have this yellow greet you.

This day felt pretty dark.

Days are up and days are down.  Keep going.  Keep reaching...

Sunday, September 19, 2010


It has begun.  Leaves are fluttering down to the ground, and blossoms are dying off.  The vibrant summer colours are slowly being replaced by dull browns and grays.

We pass this bench almost every day. This morning I noticed that the backboard is in need of repair.

I decided to take a closer look.  This is what I saw...

My own back is in need of some repair, and while I know I am slowly healing, sometimes I get a little discouraged. 

At times, the pain pierces right through my happy day.
I remind myself that repair takes time and work, and that repair is a hopeful act. 
I am not alone,
and there is fun wherever I decide to find it.

Lily is pretty good at reminding me about having fun!

Be well and have some fun today!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

This week we saw a lot of beautiful and unexpected things.

This giant bud was so thick and shiny, it looked like plastic.  Eventually it will look like this...

One morning at the park, while Lily was busy gathering information...

I found Waldo!
The next day, Lily, my daughter and I went for a walk in my parent's neighbourhoood.  I love it there!
These little flowers had just opened up...
We were making our way down the road when all of a sudden something thumped and crashed through the brush on our right.  Can you see it here?
The deer stood there staring at us for about a minute.  Lily wanted to play with it.

Yesterday was all about change.  It was much cooler and the wind was very strong.  One of the first things I noticed was this...
I tried to convince myself that I was imagining things, but then we passed by this coneflower...
It's not so purple anymore! 
Cloudy or sunny, Lily always makes the best of the day.
The weather may be changing, but the fairies are still dancing in the garden.
Have a wonderful day!

P.S. Sometimes different is perfect.